Parking Lot Sweeping & Maintenance

Make Your Business Stand Out – “First Impression Is Everything”:

Having a clean parking lot, garage, or pavement truly does make a significant difference. If you desire to give customers, residents, or employees a more positive outlook and impression of your business or property calls us. At Clean Pros USA, we have state of the art sweeping vehicles that are able to quickly remove foreign objects and debris, leaving your parking lots or garages looking pristine. Our parking lot and pavement sweeping services cover all shapes and sizes of shopping malls, strip centers, apartment buildings, office and industrial parks, commercial parks, and parking garages.

Why Clean Pros USA:

  • We have 24/7 flexibility to provide quality services.
  • We assure vehicle availability.
  • We have fast reliable response time
  • We power blow sidewalks & curbs to promote more quality.
  • We have unparalleled operator experience & training.
  • We guaranteed service and customer satisfaction.
  • We have dedicated personnel.
  • We have drug free employees.
  • We provide porter services. We do the dirty job for you. Our porter employees empty trash containers. They also pick up trash and small debris in areas that our sweepers can’t reach. Maintaining your property’s visual appeal and value is important to us.