Dos and Don’ts to Follow For Proper Care of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor is the trendiest flooring option for a homeowner. Even though the hardwood floor is expensive compared to other flooring options, people do not hesitate to install it because it features both aesthetic and functional appeal. But the problem they face after installing the hardwood floor is maintenance.

Unlike other flooring options, a hardwood floor requires proper and extensive maintenance for long life. If the hardwood floor is not maintained properly, it will suffer damages and lose its shine quickly.

To keep the floor new forever, the first rule is to follow a regular cleaning regimen. Other than this, you should follow the below mentioned dos and don’ts for taking care of your hardwood floor.

Don’t walk on with shoes 

When you come home from outside, the shoes track mud, dirt, and grime that spoil the hardwood floor. And if you walk on the floor wearing high-heeled shoes, they scratch and dent the surfaces. So you should follow the no-shoes policy indoors, especially high-heels. You should create shoe storage at your door.

Don’t use steam cleaning for your hardwood floor

Steam cleaning is an effective technique but not for hardwood floors. You should follow a normal cleaning routine and should stay gentle on the hardwood floors. In case you wish to deep clean your floor, you should call professionals who offer floor care services. They have the right tools for deep cleaning.

Don’t use wrong cleaning products 

The market is full of different cleaning products, claiming they are best for hardwood floors. But some are too harsh to use. You should check the strength of the cleaning solution before applying it to the floor because it can ruin the fins of the floor. The best is to use a damp microfiber mop for cleaning.

Do sweep or vacuum regularly 

From different sources, dirt and dust get collected and destroy the look of the floor so you should clean them immediately. Typically, you should sweep or vacuum hardwood floors weekly but it should change according to the environment you are living in. If you are living in a dusty environment, you should clean the floor more frequently.

Do mop excessive moisture 

Moisture is not at all good for hardwood floors. Standing or puddling water seeps into the floorboards and leads to wrap or gap. So whenever you find water from wet shoes, cleaning mop, and pet pawns, wipe it quickly. There should be no space for moisture build-up.

Do wipe away spills 

In every house, spillage is a common issue, especially if there are kids and pets around. Liquid spills stain the surface of the hardwood floor, so whenever it happens, you should wipe away immediately and thoroughly. For wiping, you should use a clean and dry towel.

Do hire professionals for cleaning 

Along with DIY cleaning of hardwood floors, you should hire an experienced and reputable floor care service provider. The experts will implement the right cleaning technique to treat your hardwood floor and return it to pristine condition. Also, they will prevent damages.

Hardwood flooring will not enhance the look of your house and increase your status if it’s not clean and well-maintained. So you should follow the dos and don’ts mentioned-above and work with professionals providing floor care services.