A Few Ways to Effectively Clean Different Types of Floors

People say that the front wall of the home impresses the visitors. But according to us, the house flooring is the essential part and leaves a strong impression as compared to the walls. As soon as the person steps into your home, the person looks down to be careful with their steps. The reflection from the floor changes the aura of the home and increases or decreases the overall beauty. Therefore, before you think of painting or decorating the walls, look for one of the best floor care services.

They are the much better compared to the DIY approach. You should check the reputation and experience of the service provider before hiring and we guarantee you will never regret it.

In case you are planning to clean the floors, follow the steps that are listed below. These steps have been tried and tested; they are great ways for cleaning different floors. You need to understand that each type of flooring requires a different cleaning method. Here in this blog, we are discussing three widely used floor types – Porcelain, Vinyl, and Wooden.

Porcelain Floor 

As compared to other floor options, the porcelain floor is easy to maintain. It can even survive the toughest stain because it’s easy to remove just with a wet mop. You can use traditional string mop with neutral floor cleaners for cleaning the porcelain floor. These two cleaning essentials are enough to improve the shine on the floor. Other than upper layer cleaning, you should also clean between the lines. Lastly, avoid corrosive chemicals and use mild chemicals on the porcelain floor.

Vinyl Floor

Due to easy maintenance, vinyl flooring has become a very popular option. You can clean the complete vinyl flooring of your house in minimum time. Just like the porcelain floor, you can use a wet mop to clean the vinyl floor. Besides, avoid using toxic cleaners for the same. Vinyl floors can easily have stains that are left behind after moping, so be watchful. You can use water or white vinegar to remove the stains. Rub continuously but gently to clear the stains on the floor.

Wooden floor

The wooden floor is beautiful but a bit difficult to maintain. Professionals know that wood does not go well with heavy amounts of water, so you should avoid using heavy doses of water. Wood floors, unlike carpet and rugs, often require little day-to-day cleaning beyond a simple sweep. But occasionally, deeper cleans are called for. The best cleaners for hardwood floors not only keep things sparkling, they extend the life of your floors. But you can’t just keep mopping from the kitchen or other tiled rooms to get the job done. Many regular floor cleaners contain ingredients like ammonia or abrasives that can harm wood. The best wood cleaners, however, don’t require special equipment or even spending a ton of money. A good cleaner and your favorite mop (and sometimes bucket) is usually all you need. If you’re using a bucket, be sure to ring the mop out so it’s damp, not dripping. Work in sections and, if it still looks wet when you’re done, dry it with a clean towel.

You should follow these effective cleaning ways for regular cleaning of your house floors. Hiring a professional to do your flooring is highly recommended.