Why and How Often Do I Need Janitorial Services for My Office?

Cleanliness and hygiene are the two most important ways to ensure that your employees don’t have to worry about their health in your workplace. Besides, a clean and well-maintained office looks more appealing to visitors, clients, and of course, everyone working in the office. Thus, it is very important for you as a commercial property manager or business owner to evaluate the needs of your facility to find the best janitorial services in the area.

In this blog, we will answer some questions related to office cleaning that you might have in your mind. If you find yourself confused about office cleaning, then you might find this post helpful.


Do all offices need professional janitorial services?

While you might not need a professional to wipe down the coffee maker or tidy up the work desks, you will need professional janitorial services to do heavy cleaning. Heavy-traffic areas, common spaces, washrooms, and other areas require professionals. Nowadays, when diseases and infections have become more common and deadly, you need commercial cleaning solutions that you can rely on. So, the answer is yes. You need professionals for cleaning and maintaining your office properly.


How often should I schedule professional office cleaning services?

To find the answer to this question, you need to identify the areas with heavy traffic and other areas that need serious cleanup. Areas, such as lobbies, reception, bathrooms, and lunchrooms need to be cleaned properly on a daily basis for the sake of the health and safety of your employees and visitors. However, if you are unable to schedule a professional cleaning for seven days a week, you must arrange professional cleaning for at least three days per week. For the rest of the days, you can manage with light cleaning.

Apart from daily cleaning work, offices also need additional types of cleaning and sanitation that you can do less frequently. Window cleaning, blind cleaning, carpet cleaning, and floor polishing are some of the tasks that can be done weekly, monthly, and sometimes, even quarterly, depending on where your office is located and what kind of work is carried out in your office.

If your office is in an area where a layer of dust accumulates too quickly, the frequency of cleanup should be high. Otherwise, less frequency of cleaning might also be accepted.

Janitorial Services

How can I keep my office clean and tidy?

While janitors will do their work impeccably, taking some measures will help you keep your office in the best condition at all times. Some of these include placing floor mats in front of doors and under office chairs or desks, using long runners in the hallway, keeping the right cleaning supplies in handy to clean up spills quickly, and encouraging employees and visitors to not throw trash on the floor. Keep a sufficient number of dustbins strategically placed so that they can be easily accessed by everyone.

The rest of the work will be taken care of by professionals. They will help you keep your office look clean, good, and fresh.

When hiring janitorial services in your area, just make sure that they can serve you at a suitable time whether it is night, day, early morning, or weekends, have a pricing structure that suits your budget, and are compliant with OSHA guidelines.