The 6 Steps to Clean Your Garage Effectively and Efficiently

Summer is going to make an exit and winter is on the way to make an entry. It means this particular weather is perfect for spending a weekend outside your home. You can utilize this time and weather for cleaning your garage and dumping the things that have become old. You should check the things in your garage and remove the unwanted things for making more space in it.

We know it’s a bit boring and tiring task because there are lots of things that you have to remove and rearrange. Also, the household things kept in a garage are usually heavy to lift. To make garage cleaning fun, you can include your complete family and assign different tasks to different members. It will reduce the burden from your shoulder and complete the task with ease.

Along with involving your family members, you should follow the right steps to make the garage cleaning process easier. Here, we have discussed the 6 steps for the same.

You should choose the right time 

Garage cleaning would take a couple of hours or an entire day (if you clean taking breaks or if the garage is too big), so you should take out enough time for the same. It’s best to do it at the weekends. With time, you should also consider the weather on the day of cleaning. The day should be sunny and bright without the forecast of rain. Things will get destroyed if it rains because everything will be out.

You should bring everything out of the garage

You should start the cleaning work by pulling everything out of your garage. You should make enough space and collect things in one place. It is advised not to scatter the things around. You should ensure that space is blocked and no family members are allowed to enter, especially kids. It can be harmful to them.

You should categorize the removed items

After the things are out, you should categorize them into three groups- first, the things you wish to keep; second, you wish to throw; third, you wish to sell or donate. You should be very particular when categorizing the things for throwing. You should split the things into recyclable and non-recyclable to protect the environment.

If you do not have any clue about this segregation, you should call a professional junk removal company. The experts will divide the things and dispose of them accordingly.

You should clean the garage thoroughly

After the garage is empty, you should start with actual cleaning. Thorough cleaning of the garage can be done by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. You should use the best quality cleaning solution (do ensure it is not very strong) and cleaning equipment. You should check every corner and spot it in the garage and clean it properly. Nothing should be left behind.

Plan your organizational system

Garage cleaning is the best time for removing the old inventory and make space for new. Determine and decide the things you wish to keep and buy new for your garage. When the garage is empty, you get the opportunity to improvise things. You should plan out space and install shelves, hooks, overhead storage, and other systems to maximize the storage capacity.

Put back the things you decided to keep 

Finally, pick up the things from your keep list and put them in their designated space. If you have made the changes in their location, you should inform your family members or other users of your garage. You should explain the new system and the reason for doing it.

While cleaning your garage, the one thing you should primarily care about is junk removal. As a responsible citizen of the country, you should throw the wastes in the right way and protect the environment. Besides, you should follow all the legal rules regarding waste disposal.

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