Why and How Often Do I Need Janitorial Services for My Office?

Cleanliness and hygiene are the two most important ways to ensure that your employees don’t have to worry about their health in your workplace. Besides, a clean and well-maintained office looks more appealing to visitors, clients, and of course, everyone working in the office. Thus, it is very important for you as a commercial property manager or business owner to evaluate the needs of your facility to find the best janitorial services in the area.

In this blog, we will answer some questions related to office cleaning that you might have in your mind. If you find yourself confused about office cleaning, then you might find this post helpful.


Do all offices need professional janitorial services?

While you might not need a professional to wipe down the coffee maker or tidy up the work desks, you will need professional janitorial services to do heavy cleaning. Heavy-traffic areas, common spaces, washrooms, and other areas require professionals. Nowadays, when diseases and infections have become more common and deadly, you need commercial cleaning solutions that you can rely on. So, the answer is yes. You need professionals for cleaning and maintaining your office properly.


How often should I schedule professional office cleaning services?

To find the answer to this question, you need to identify the areas with heavy traffic and other areas that need serious cleanup. Areas, such as lobbies, reception, bathrooms, and lunchrooms need to be cleaned properly on a daily basis for the sake of the health and safety of your employees and visitors. However, if you are unable to schedule a professional cleaning for seven days a week, you must arrange professional cleaning for at least three days per week. For the rest of the days, you can manage with light cleaning.

Apart from daily cleaning work, offices also need additional types of cleaning and sanitation that you can do less frequently. Window cleaning, blind cleaning, carpet cleaning, and floor polishing are some of the tasks that can be done weekly, monthly, and sometimes, even quarterly, depending on where your office is located and what kind of work is carried out in your office.

If your office is in an area where a layer of dust accumulates too quickly, the frequency of cleanup should be high. Otherwise, less frequency of cleaning might also be accepted.

Janitorial Services

How can I keep my office clean and tidy?

While janitors will do their work impeccably, taking some measures will help you keep your office in the best condition at all times. Some of these include placing floor mats in front of doors and under office chairs or desks, using long runners in the hallway, keeping the right cleaning supplies in handy to clean up spills quickly, and encouraging employees and visitors to not throw trash on the floor. Keep a sufficient number of dustbins strategically placed so that they can be easily accessed by everyone.

The rest of the work will be taken care of by professionals. They will help you keep your office look clean, good, and fresh.

When hiring janitorial services in your area, just make sure that they can serve you at a suitable time whether it is night, day, early morning, or weekends, have a pricing structure that suits your budget, and are compliant with OSHA guidelines.

Janitorial Services: The need of them in today’s world


Janitorial service provider companies send a crew of janitors to offices, schools, factories, etc., regularly to keep them cleaned and well maintained. The U.S. market of Janitorial service companies is worth over 77 billion U.S. dollars. A report suggests that the market has shown steady progress in the last decade. Unlike commercial cleaning, janitorial service includes regular cleaning, recycling, removal of garbage, etc. Amidst COVID-19 sanitizing workplaces regularly is very important; thus, sanitizing is also included in the services. From when the Covid has started the workload is increased too much for them. 

Impact of COVID-19 on Janitorial services

Cleaning services such as Janitorial services were based in developed countries like the U.S.A. before COVID 19 hit the world. The demand for such services has increased even in developing countries like India. A report by MEFMA (Middle East Facility Management Association) showed that there had been a 95% rise in the market post-COVID-19 in the middle east countries. With an increase in demand and market size, competition has also increased amongst janitorial service providers. To survive in the market and ensure a safe virus free environment during COVID, few necessary changes had to be made by the companies. Mainly for those who are working in the hospitality area. Some of the changes are:

  • Prioritizing regular sanitization.
  • Using Advanced products like electrostatic sprayers, janitorial software to streamline the process of cleaning, antimicrobial lights, air purifier, etc.
  • Wearing mask, gloves, and if needed, a PPE kit also. 
  • Need to increase in the quality of the product, like sanitizer, washers etc.
  •  Always have to keep a safe distance from the others. 

Difference Between Janitorial services and Commercial cleaning

The main difference between Janitorial and commercial cleaning is that janitorial services need to be provided regularly. In contrast, commercial cleaning is a one-time process whose requirement frequency is much lower than that of Janitorial services. While Janitorial services include day-to-day cleaning tasks, commercial cleaning includes bigger tasks such as cleaning grout, tiles, hard floors, furniture, etc. Commercial cleaning also includes washing of windows and overall power washing.

The Expense of Janitorial Services

The standard price range for janitorial services in the U.S. is from 0.08 dollars to 0.16 dollars per square foot of area. For example, a Janitorial service company charges 150 dollars per month for a weekly cleaning that includes dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, removing trash, etc.

Janitorial companies have various methods of charging money; it depends on the total area to be cleaned, number of bathrooms, number of jobs to be done, number of people needed in the crew, and frequency of required cleaning. A daily cleaning might cost 3600 dollars per month while it will cost 65 dollars for one visit a month for the same job.


Post-COVID-19 offices need to maintain strict hygiene and cleanliness to protect their employees and others coming into the office. Thus, Janitorial services have become a necessity for offices.

Why Is It Important To Hire Janitorial Services Regularly?

Have you ever given it a thought that you are more likely to frequently visit places with clean floors, bathrooms, walls, counters, and so on? Well, now that you have, you would agree that you yourself don’t prefer to go to a place that isn’t neat and clean. So, it is important to think with this perspective in mind, when it comes to your commercial building as well.

However, with everything that you have going on in your business, cleaning should be the least of the concerns for you or your employees. Hence, it is recommended that you hire the services of a reliable janitorial company and keep your workplace well-maintained. After all, a well-maintained business is bound to be way more successful than an unclean one. Apart from just keeping your commercial building neat and clean, there are many more advantages that you can reap by hiring janitorial services.

If you are still caught up in two minds about whether it is a worthy investment or not, the following reasons that tell you why you should hire janitorial services, might help make up your mind.

  • Health of the employees:
    One of the most important reasons why you should consider hiring janitorial services is that a clean office means your employees would be kept safe from getting sick. At a time such as now, when there is an ongoing pandemic still going on, hiring professionals to keep your workplace clean and sanitary at all times is even more important to prevent the spread of viruses and other kinds of diseases.
  • Better looking office:
    Having a clean and well-maintained office that feels and looks better is not just important to your employees, but also to everyone who visits your workspace, be it your existing customers or prospective ones. Although having a clean office should be the norm, not every business maintains its floors, bathrooms, and other areas neat and clean. However, you can stand out by hiring janitorial services and get your office cleaned on a regular basis, and leave a great first impression on whoever visits to do business with you.
  • Increased productivity:
    Having full attendance in your office doesn’t always mean that they are doing a good job at their respective desks. Believe it or not, the productivity of your employees is compromised by having a messy and unsanitary workplace. Employees are more likely to get distracted and irritated, and are way less motivated to work at their best in such conditions. What’s worse than this is that an unsanitary workplace tends to increase the number of sick days of various workers as germs are spread more easily. This is another reason why it is essential to hire a reliable janitorial service for your office and get things done at a much faster rate.

These were just some of the reasons why you must consider hiring janitorial services for your workplace. Now that you have probably made up your mind, you should find a reliable and highly reputed service provider and enjoy the benefits of working in a clean office.

Why and How Should You Focus on Removing Slip and Fall Hazards From Your Office?

According to Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 17000 people die in the US annually because of slip, trip, and fall injuries, of which 15% are job-related (accidents happened in workplaces).

If not death, the accident leads to many other chronic health issues. The injuries inhibit mobility and hamper independent living and cause traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Even if the intensity of fall is low, people suffer from common fractures of the spine, hip, forearm, leg, ankle, pelvis, upper arm, and hand. In simple words, slip and fall injuries are dangerous.

As the numbers of these injuries are high in the workplace, you should very careful with your slip and fall prevention plan. As a business owner, you should regularly check the prevention plan to stay on top of your obligation, keep your employees safe and protect your business from the negative effects of an accident.

Why is it important to focus on slip and fall prevention plans?

  • The human factor is essential for the smooth functioning of your business. If your workplace is safe and actively preventing such accidents, the employees and customers will feel safe in the building. They will work without fear and give good results.
  • In most provinces, the law obligates employers to take every reasonable step to protect their employees and educate them about safety at the workplace. If you do not do so, you may face high penalties and inspections from authorities.
  • The slip and fall accidents impact business reputation. If your customer suffered an accident on your premises, it is hard to remove the thoughts from his/her mind. Also, new employees hesitate to work at a company that has seen a recent accident.
  • Last and not least, your company will suffer financial issues if slip and fall prevention plans are worked upon properly. Your employees will get hurt and take off from work, which means you have to pay someone else for their work. Also, you have to pay benefits during the recovery period of your employees. It will increase your cost and impact productivity.

How to prevent slip and fall accidents in your workplace?

Install proper lighting– Your workplace should be illuminating properly 24/7. The entry and exit passage and areas often used by your employees and customers should be bright and shining. It will help them to avoid slipping and falling. So you should choose and install good quality lights in your office.

Wear anti-slippery shoes– We know it’s a bit difficult to implement this rule in your office because employees wear what they love. But still, you should circulate the information in your office and explain the importance. The shoes should be with proper traction that is resistant to slips.

Clean up spills immediately – You should designate people to clean up spills immediately because you or employees cannot do this work, keeping aside the core responsibilities. According to us, you should hire janitorial services to clean up spills before they become slipping hazards. During clean-up, it’s important to place warning signs around the area.

Keep walkaways clean– Other than proper lighting and immediate cleaning, you should make sure walkaways are clutter-free. There should be no obstacles or debris to avoid trips and falls. With this, the chances of slipping hazards will reduce significantly.

Other than these steps, cleanliness is important for preventing slip and fall accidents. Not general cleaning, but something that only professionals can do. So you should invest in janitorial services now.

Why should you consider Outsourcing Janitorial Services For Your Business?

Professional janitorial services are the key to maintain a clean and healthy environment at a commercial facility. A clean working environment can also boost productivity and performance as your employees are less prone to illness.

To ensure a healthy and safe environment for your employees, you can either hire an in-house janitorial team or outsource cleaning services to a professional service provider. Hiring an in-house cleaning team can be costly compared to outsourcing janitorial services to a third-party cleaning company. Here’re some key advantages of outsourcing janitorial services for your business:


Outsourcing janitorial services can be cost-effective in many ways. You don’t need to hire in-house cleaning professionals for regular cleaning that can reduce your business expenses on the hiring process and human resource management. Also, you have to pay only for the cleaning services in your package, labor and other costs are included in your package.

It also saves your money on resources as you don’t need to buy necessary cleaning equipment, tools, and supplies for various cleaning jobs. It also reduces a lot of paperwork for managing cleaning staff and their services that can cut some additional costs on your cleaning services.

Customized cleaning services

You don’t have to pay for the services that you don’t need. Some cleaning services are occasional like carpet cleaning, and you don’t need to pay for these services. While working with a third-party cleaning company, you can create your own custom cleaning package as per your requirements and budget.  Also, a professional janitorial service provider offers a complete range of commercial cleaning services, and you include occasional cleaning services in your package at any time.

You can include the following services in your janitorial cleaning package:

  • Cleaning and dusting of entire office area
  • Floor cleaning, sweeping, and mopping
  • Toilet cleaning and restocking toilet supplies
  • Carpet care and cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Dusting of furniture and other items
  • Trash and waste removal
  • Special event cleaning

High standard of cleanliness

When you work with professional janitorial service providers, you can expect high standards of cleanliness from them. It is their core job, and they follow all the cleaning standards for commercial buildings and offices to maintain a clean and healthy environment. They use high-quality and clinically-approved cleaning products to clean and sanitize your office and commercial building. They are dedicated and accountable for their services hence put the necessary effort for 100% satisfaction.

When you are looking for outsourcing janitorial services, you should look for reputed janitorial service providers with years of cleaning experience in the industry. They work with a team of trained and qualified cleaning experts to offer their services with a commitment to safe and healthy cleaning.