Is There Any Difference Between Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Cleaning Service?

Hire commercial cleaning service….no….no…hire janitorial cleaning service………….. This goes in the minds of the business owners when they think of keeping their offices clean. They are unable to decide which service type will complete their demands and give maximum benefits as per their requirements. Most of them wish to know which service will give them maximum return on their investments.

As a business owner, it’s a very crucial decision because workplace cleanliness matters. It matters for your employees’ health and business productivity. If the office is not clean, your employees will fall ill, impacting the productivity of your business. It’s a huge chain that you should break on time. And it can only be possible by selecting the right service.

Janitorial Services

In this post, we will discuss the difference between commercial and janitorial cleaning services in brief.

Janitorial Cleaning Service 

Janitorial cleaning service is all about small and everyday cleaning tasks. The janitorial cleaning experts look after everyday cleaning, which includes cleaning of the restroom, cleaning,  cleaning and dusting of the entire office, cleaning and sanitization of conference rooms, waiting rooms, lunchrooms, and kitchens, sweeping and mopping of all floors, carpet vacuuming, and emptying and cleaning the dustbins.

Janitorial cleaning service ensures that your workplace is clean and well-maintained. The best and biggest advantage of this service is your workplace will always ready to welcome visitors, customers, and clients.

In janitorial cleaning, you can hire the service on a daily or bi-weekly basis. It depends on you and your office needs. Typically, business owners prefer daily cleaning as it keeps the premises cleaner.


Commercial Cleaning Service

Unlike janitorial cleaning services, the commercial cleaning service doesn’t look after daily cleaning. The commercial cleaners are hired for heavy cleaning jobs like deep carpet cleaning, power washing, tile grout cleaning, hard surface floor cleaning, furniture and upholstery cleaning, and window washing.

Commercial cleaning service ensures in-depth cleaning of your workplace. The commercial cleaners reach the place that janitorial cleaners can never reach and clean. The commercial cleaners are equipped with such cleaning tools and trained accordingly.

Business owners hire commercial cleaners occasionally. There is no such fixed time to hire a commercial cleaning service. Whenever they think, the office requires deep cleaning, they hire this service.


Cost of the service – Janitorial cleaning service is inexpensive because janitorial cleaners use common cleaning tools. Also, they handle easy cleaning tasks. The primary reason is no risk is involved in the janitorial cleaning service.

On the other hand, the commercial cleaning service is expensive because the commercial cleaners use heavy cleaning tools. They are trained to execute such difficult cleaning tasks. Most importantly, commercial cleaning service involves a huge risk. Sometimes, cleaners lose their lives when cleaning windows in high-rise buildings.


What should you hire?

According to us, you should hire both commercial and janitorial cleaning services. Both the services are good at places. Janitorial cleaners will keep take care of daily cleaning and keep it ready every day for your people and commercial cleaners will handle all those cleaning problems that are not possible for janitorial cleaners. Involvement of both will give good results.